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Pipeline Valve Maintenance Strategy


Development of pipeline valve maintenance strategy for major North Sea infrastructure.

Rationalisation of North Sea riser shut-down valve testing to enable relaxation of full closure and leak testing frequency based on demonstrable reliability of system.

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Major Pipeline Infrastructure Written Scheme of Examination

Development of fact-based written scheme of examination system for major east European oil transmission pipeline system using risk-based approach.

Managing Large Upstream Networks

Architect for the development of a risk-based asset management database system for a 2,500 upstream production pipeline network subject to high CO2 internal corrosion, internal MIC, high velocity erosion and above / below external corrosion. The system was integrated with an existing custom built pipeline maintenance data management application. A documentation suite was also developed to supplement the database solution describing pipeline management, monitoring, mitigation and inspection activities.

The outcome of the work was a scalable, comprehensive, systematic and threat-based management system that replaced a somewhat arbitrary and disjointed approach to pipeline network integrity management.

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Rationalisation of Compliance Documentation

Standardisation and maintenance of Victorian (Australia) Pipeline Safety Management Plan packages for onshore raw gas pipelines.

Development of offshore pipeline integrity management plans based on DNV-RP-F116 recommended practice.

Rationalisation of offshore pipeline risk registers and safety cases to provide simplified, consistent and comprehensive evaluation of risk and the controls in place to control that risk to ALARP.

Other Miscellaneous Solutions

Implementation of Retrowrap to prevent further riser corrosion on North Sea platform.

Use of drag reducing agent to reduce failure threat to spoolable composite pipeline.

Development of oil pipeline rupture volume modelling spreadsheet.

Development of pipeline integrity calculator spreadsheet to support engineer’s day-to-day activities.

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Richard is a highly capable pipeline integrity engineer with extensive onshore and offshore pipeline experience. His technical knowledge is excellent and as the lead engineer within the team he often mentored the rest of the team and provided expert technical advice. He also has an excellent understanding of the relevant national and internal standards. I'd often consult with Richard on strategic matters to the extent of Richard being instrumental in the development of the 5 year road map. He was also the architect behind the development and implementation of the in-house Pipeline Asset Management System and supporting Pipeline Information Management Software. During his involvement with his former employer he assisted in the delivery of step change in the integrity performance of the pipeline network. I would highly recommend Richard for any position, as he is highly passionate about pipeline integrity

I have had the honour of sitting through many a NOPSEMA inspection where I have been thankful that Richard was there to suitably satisfy the inspectors that we have the right people in place to manage our pipelines.  The professional respect that Richard has from NOPSEMA is not earned easily but Richard has won that accolade.   


Richard is one of the few people that the CEO of NOPSEMA has singled out by name as an asset to our organisation, again testament to the respect he has within the industry. The same acknowledgement of Richard’s contribution to our onshore Regulatory documentation was also given by ESV in a recent audit where his work on the onshore SMP’s was commended.